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Coming August 12

A heartfelt new biography by Andrea Swensson


Cornbread's story

For the past three years I've had the joy of spending every Tuesday afternoon with 97-year-old Minneapolis music legend Cornbread Harris, a self-proclaimed "blessed dude."


Together we've uncovered the story of his incredible life and marveled at his reconnection with his son, the Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Jam, after five decades of estrangement. 

My book Deeper Blues: The Life, Songs, and Salvation of Cornbread Harris details Cornbread's seven decades of making music in the Twin Cities and his final opus: a long-awaited, real-time duet with his son.

In his afterword for the book, Jimmy Jam writes, "I hope our coming back together after almost half a century apart sets an example of hope and healing, and inspires the world."

Books by Andrea Swensson


About Andrea

Andrea Swensson is the first person who ever wrote a word about me... She’s an outspoken champion of the local music scene and a longtime advocate for overlooked musicians. 

Prince had an eye for talent. Local talent, for certain. So it’s no wonder he noticed music writer Andrea Swensson.



A singular voice amid the click-bait multitudes, she writes straight from the head and heart and attempts to reinvent the art of music journalism every time out. 


About Andrea


  • Deeper Blues Book Release Concert
    Deeper Blues Book Release Concert
    Fri, Aug 16
    Cedar Cultural Center
    Aug 16, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454, USA
    A special night of stories and songs to celebrate my book about Cornbread Harris.
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